About Wandiligong Primary

Wandiligong Primary School was founded in 1870 during the gold boom that was occurring in the Wandiligong Valley. The main building of the school was constructed with the secondary building constructed only three years later to cope with the surging enrolments. At its peak, Wandiligong Primary School had over 300 students as people flocked from all over Australia in the search for gold.

Since these heady gold rush days, Wandiligong School has proudly served the community of Wandiligong and surrounding areas.

Fast forward to 2020 and Wandiligong is a vibrant and energetic small school.

We are an inclusive school that provides a full and diverse curriculum in a caring, nurturing yet positively challenging environment.

Our students are adaptive, creative, confident, and have highly developed social skills. Our small school environment means that students from a variety of year levels play together and also support each other. In this environment, students become expert negotiators, develop their assertiveness all while being encourage and supported by older students and teachers.

Leadership skills develop naturally with the older children quickly learning how to teach the younger children skills needed to play team sports.  Happy confident children in the playground are usually happy confident learners in the classroom.

We know that small schools are great preparation for life. As adults, we are required to mix and work with people who are different ages and gender to ourselves, just as these children do every day during their primary school years.

We have a significantly high teacher to student ratio enabling us to spend quality time with every student. Our students are expected to achieve high standards as we believe every child has the right to fulfil their individual potential. Learning in the school is not restricted to the classrooms and is active, stimulating and fun. We utilise our expansive, heritage-listed school grounds to engage our students in learning. Respect is our core value and self-belief and self-confidence is nurtured and developed.

Wandiligong is a very well equipped school with a high standard of facilities, capable of delivering a progressive curriculum using exemplary and innovative teaching practices.

Our Vision and Values

To teach children to value the uniqueness of each individual and celebrate their differences, developing the skills and confidence to take places in an ever changing world, achieving future academic and social success and fulfilment.