Our Programmes

Our school curriculum is based upon the Victorian Curriculum and ensures that our dedicated and professional teachers deliver a varied and comprehensive learning program. Our classroom teachers deliver explicit programs in Literacy and Numeracy. The school employs specialist teachers to deliver programs such as Italian, Art and Science. We ensure the rest of the curriculum is covered in a variety of real-life experiences (such as our famous annual musical) and Inquiry Learning for subject areas such as Humanities and Design Technology.

Our school has developed assessment schedules across the year levels that ensure we know what students are achieving and where teachers need to target learning.

Teaching and Learning

We are founded upon a culture of inclusivity and diversity. The school aims to prepare confident, balanced and friendly children and instill them with a life-long love of learning.


Literacy teaching at Wandiligong Primary School is explicit in nature and covers, Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar and Handwriting. We follow evidence based procedures around lesson design, including the use of Learning Intentions and Success criteria. Our teaching strategies are research based and our highly professional staff use a variety of assessments that influence what is taught in our classrooms. Teachers work at various times within whole class instruction, small conference groups and individually with students to provide highly personalised feedback.


All students receive an hour of explicit Numeracy instruction each day and all lessons are differentiated to cater for the variety of student needs. Our practices are data driven through comprehensive planning we ensure that students develop their maths fluency skills alongside problem solving and deep understanding.


A fortnightly Art program is delivered by a specialist Art teacher through the MACC van. This service has been operating in regional areas for many years and students eagerly await the next art session.


The school employees a specialist Italian teacher who provides weekly lessons to all students.

The Arts & Music

Our students participate in weekly whole class music instruction. Individual music tuition is also facilitated by the school as an extracurricular activity.

Our school is also well-known for its annual whole-school musical. This extravagant event takes place in term 3 and is well supported by the wider community. Students look forward to this production and develop many life-skills during the rehearsals and performance. 


The school is offering the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships curriculum covering 8 topics of Social and Emotional Learning as part of Respectful Relationships education. Students have a weekly yoga and mindfulness class delivered by a specialist facilitator.

Our school also offers weekly Art Therapy for individuals and small groups as an additional support for health and wellbeing. 

Extra-curricular Activities

At Wandi Primary we make the most of the valley and mountains we are located in to offer our students a range of Camps, Outdoor Excursions and Ski Programmes.

Our Staff

Bob Clyne


Bob Clyne is the teaching principal at Wandiligong and has been involved in education for over 15 years. He has worked in some of Australia's most remote and disadvantaged communities as well as large metropolitan schools. Bob is passionate about helping students to achieve their best and believes that no student, regardless of their circumstance, should miss out on a quality education. He loves teaching at Wandiligong because of the great kids, awesome staff and wonderful community.

Jacquie Walpole

P-2 Classroom teacher

Jacquie Walpole (a.k.a. Ms. Mac) has been the Early Years teacher at Wandiligong Primary School since 2017. She grew up in N.E. Victoria and after working at many different jobs in Victoria and Scotland (including training Guide Dogs) and having two children, she realised that teaching was her calling. Ms. Mac is a passionate educator who encourages curiosity, creativity and high educational expectations in her students. She provides a combination of structure, humour and exploration to bring out the best in the young people in her daily care.

Mauro Pellegrini

Italian/DigiTech Teacher

Mauro Pellegrini is the school’s specialist Italian teacher shipped in all the way from Rome, Italy. Not only is he a whizz with languages but also computers which allows Mauro to teach essential computer and programming skills in DigiTech.  He has previously taught both ICT, Italian and other subjects at a variety of schools and has been teaching in the local area for about 12 years. He is well loved by all the students at Wandiligong due his friendly nature and cracking ability to make every lesson exciting and enjoyable for the kids.


Kristy Corbett

Business Manager

Kristie has been Business Manager at Wandiligong Primary School for over 10 years. She handles all finance matters, enrolments, attendance, all school camps & uniforms. She loves her job and enjoys working with our fantastic team. Please feel free to pop in and see Kristie about any school matter on a Tuesday or Thursday.


Darcy Martin

3-6 Classroom teacher

Darcy Martin is a born and bred local to the Alpine Shire and has always had the goal of returning home after study to teach in his local community. He’s currently teaching the 3-6 class and loves working at Wandiligong, as he finds it be such a tight knit community across the students, staff and parents. Mr. Martin builds strong relationships with each individual student to enable him to understand what is the best way to teach each individual learner.

Irene Wiffen

P-2 Classroom Teacher

Irene is an experienced teacher who has taught extensively in both Australia and overseas. She is passionate about working with children and brings the latest best practice teaching into the classroom. Irene is a creative person and often ties this into the classroom so students can get creative and experiment with styles and materials.


Sharon Kneale

Classroom Assistant

Sharon Kneale has enjoyed working here as an education support person since 2015, supporting students at their point of need to enable them to reach their full potential. Kindness, inclusion and care of others are strong features of Wandi school. We also work hard to create can-do attitudes, willingness to try new things, persistence and patience. All of which she embraces wholeheartedly. It’s a privilege to work with such great kids, community and team.

Samantha Badrock

Art Therapist

Sam runs a local art business that empowers people through art. She is delighted to be joining the staff at Wandiligong Primary School where she runs a “Building Emotional Resilience” Art Program for the students every Tuesday from 9am-3pm.