Prospective Parents

Why Wandiligong Primary School?

The strength of Wandiligong Primary School is its people. From our committed team of experienced, innovative teaching staff, to our community of parent helpers, not to mention our great kids, we are united in working towards building an exciting, dynamic school culture and an optimum learning environment for young minds.

We are founded upon a culture of inclusivity and diversity and a connectedness to the local community. The school aims to prepare confident, balanced and friendly children and instil them with a life-long love of learning.

Academic results are consistently high in national testing, but more importantly we consistently achieve high satisfaction results in our annual parent survey. We strive to create a stimulating and balanced curriculum, covering all major areas of learning, as well as student enrichment such as our vibrant arts, science, language and IT programs.

Innovative Teaching

Dedicated Staff

Varied Learning Program

Our school offers your child a range of programmes to make your time with us as enjoyable and fruitful as possible:

  • A whole school approach that encourages wellbeing and resilience.
  • Physical Education – an important component of your child’s development and enjoyment, available both during and after school
  • Whole School Play – an annual extravaganza that targets the self-belief of our kids
  • Camps – an opportunity for our 3/4 and 5/6 kids to explore new environments and develop their self-confidence, independence and organisational skills
  • Creative Arts – Wandiligong Primary has a strong history in the creative arts with a school performance each year
  • Music – Informal and formal music teaching is provided both during and after school

and of course …
The experienced and committed staff work to help your child achieve the best academic progress through innovative “best practice” teaching programmes and methods.


Wandiligong Primary School takes enrolments from Foundation to Year 6. Your child is able to start with us at any time during the year and will always be welcome.

All children entering primary school must be five years of age by the 30th April of the starting year. Children who turn 5 after that date begin school the following year. 

To enrol you will need:

  • A completed Student Information Enrolment form.
  • A copy of the Australian National Register Certificate of Immunisation. 
  • A copy of Birth Certificate / Extract of Birth.

You may email these forms to the school or bring them in during a tour or any visit.

Prep Transition

What an exciting milestone for you and your child!


We look forward to meeting you as part of our Prep Transition Programme.

As part of this programme you will be given a “Prep Parent Handbook”. This Handbook provides detailed guidelines and information to help you plan for, and cope with, the start of primary school.

Preps will participate in the take-home reading book program as well as borrowing from the school library. This continues throughout their school career.

As a prospective parent you are invited to come and experience a Wandiligong Primary assembly. You will see both kids and teachers at work and it will give you a feel for the sense of support and community in the school. Assemblies are held every Friday at 9am. Make your way up to the main office and you will find our undercover learning area.

While it may seem daunting at times, we have some tips and strategies for preparing your child for one of the most important transition stages of their lives.

Encourage your child to look forward to school by stressing positive aspects of this new experience. Try not to talk in a way that might make your child apprehensive, and try not to reveal your own anxieties.

Things you can do to help prepare your child.

You can start to encourage independence in your child and to be more responsible for their belongings. Teach your child to tie up their shoelaces, do up button and zippers, and do up their pants. Encourage your child to wear clean clothing and be tidy. Your child will find school transition more manageable if he or she has started to learn to:

  • say their full name and address
  • put things away after use
  • recognise and care for their own NAMED belongings
  • go to the toilet and adjust clothing
  • boys should be familiar with using a public toilet urinal
  • flush the toilet after use
  • use a tissue or a handkerchief properly
  • cover their mouth when coughing or sneezing
  • take off and hang up their coat

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